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MOOC-based micro-credentials for teacher professional development (CRED4TEACH)


The CRED4TEACH project responds to the needs of higher education institutions and educational decision makers in target countries Albania, Montenegro and Ukraine towards providing high-quality, responsive, inclusive, flexible and competence-based training provisions to in-service teachers across various educational sectors. The project’s solution is to establish the MOOC-based short training programmes, so-called Micro-credentials, to enhance the opportunities for teacher professional development in target countries.


  • To boost staff skills for the development and delivery of MOOC-based Micro-credentials;
  • To develop and introduce national and institutional frameworks for the delivery, issuing and recognition of Micro-credentials,
  • To create, deliver and validate 11 pilot MOOC-based Micro-credentials,
  • To encourage the wider adoption of Micro-credentials for the professional development of teachers and other target groups.


  • 46 teaching and administrative staff members from Albania, Montenegro and Ukraine upskilled as Micro-credential and MOOC designers;
  • 11 MOOC-based Micro-credentials, each between 4-6 ECTS, delivered to at least 220 pilot teachers from Albania, Montenegro and Ukraine;
  • 3 national and 8 institutional frameworks for the provision and recognition of Micro-credentials for teachers;
  • 3 national blueprints for the adoption of Micro-credentials.


The CRED4TEACH partnership comprises 15 institutions from 7 countries – Albania, Estonia, Germany, Montenegro, Portugal, Türkiye, and Ukraine:

  • Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (Bielefeld, Germany)
  • Universidade Aberta (Lisboa, Portugal)
  • Tallinn University (Tallinn, Estonia)
  • Anadolu University (Eskisehir, Türkiye)
  • Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
  • Cherkasy State Technological University (Cherkasy, Ukraine)
  • Bogdan Khmelnitsky Melitopol State Pedagogical University (Melitopol, Ukraine)
  • Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University (Drohobych, Ukraine)
  • National Qualifications Agency (Kyiv,Ukraine)
  • Universitetit te Vlores (Vlore, Albania)
  • Universeti Shkodres Luigj Gurakuqi (Shkodre, Albania)
  • Agjencia e Sigurimit te Cilesise se Arsimit Parauniversitar (Tirana, Albania)
  • Univerzitet Mediteran Podgorica Privatna Ustanova (Podgorica, Montenegro)
  • Javna Ustanova Univerzitet Crne Gore Podgorica (Podgorica, Montenegro)
  • Agencija Za Kontrolu I Obezbjedenje kvaliteta Visokog Obrazovanja (Podgorica, Montenegro).


Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (Bielefeld, Germany), www.fh-mittelstand.de

CRED4TEACH lifetime: June 1, 2023 – May 31, 2026 (36 months)

Awarded grant: 700 193,00 EUR

Funding programme: Capacity Building for Higher Education, European Union


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