I remember this crucial moment when I was an applicant and it was time to choose a European university. Even then I was aware of the possibility of student mobility, which immediately attracted my attention. Good results in studies and mastery of foreign languages helped me get a chance to study at the Jan Dlugosz University in Częstochowa. But this experience exceeded all my expectations and it became the most unforgettable period of my student life.

Firstly, studying in a Polish academic environment gave me an unparalleled opportunity to deepen my study of the Polish language, improve my pronunciation and expand my vocabulary. Secondly, Erasmus+ allowed me to envelop in the cultural environment of Poland, which is home to a rich literary and linguistic heritage. Visiting places associated with famous Polish writers and poets opened up new depths of Polish culture for me.

In addition, Erasmus created a unique opportunity for me to see the beauty and diversity of Poland, Slovakia and Austria. Learning about the local cuisine, traditions and customs was fascinating and I felt completely immersed in their culture. This experience will forever remain in my heart and will be an invaluable contribution to my education and personal development.



By vmp