From September 26 to September 30, a week of training took place at the University of Applied Sciences Vives. 26 participants represented three universities (except for the Dnieper Academy), the rehabilitation center in Modrychi and the Caritas of the Sambir-Drohobych Diocese of the UGCC. This visit enabled the participants to expand their knowledge of ergotherapy by taking part in various seminars and visits to different care facilities in the region.
The purpose of the visit was to transfer the knowledge gained to Ukraine and to implement the further development of education of balethratic students in ergotherapy. An important point that Vives took into account in this training was the response to the needs of Ukrainian ergotherapists as a result of the current military situation.
The Ukrainians were very pleased that they could finally come to Vives to get acquainted with the implementation of ergotherapy for Bachelors program. They were amazed at skills, didactic methods, adaptations for people with disabilities and how health care in Western Europe is organized. There was a great interest in field visits during the trainer’s preparation week. For example, a practical training module on the blind man’s experience (Blindenzorg Lichht en Liefde in Varsenare), a visit to Stimul Ethics Laboratory for people with deep multiple disabilities.
Unfortunately, one of the Ukrainian partner universities could not send a delegate, since the Dnieper State Academy is located too close to the war. There was also a meeting between the province of Western Flanders, Caritas and Vives on the topic of refugee support in Caritas. Caritas plays a significant role in the reception of refugees ever since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.
We look forward to further cooperation within the project!

By vmp