During September 18-22, 2023 Drohobych University students and their supervisor – Associate Professor Ivanna Luchakivska, the Department of History of Ukraine and Jurisprudence, took an active part in the international project “Schuman Trimarium Forum” held at the Schumann Institute (Peremysl – Krasichyn, Poland ).

On September 18, the Forum participants were greeted by the Director of the Institute, Professor Zbigniew Kryshyak, Dr. Tomasz Pyshyak, President of the Foundation Piotr Tarnogurskyi, Robert Gajor, Jakub Stefanchyk, Laurent Darvich, Hanna Shimerska, Yagoda Stanchyk.

On September 19, plenary sessions discussed the idea of combining science with regional development between Poland and European states with Minister of Education and Science of Poland Professor Wojciech Murdzek, Professor Zbigniew Kryśiak, Professor Tomasz Grosse, Dr. Marjan Lakomski and Hanna Shimerska taking part in the discussion. Among others, there were student delegations from different countries of the world (Romania, Georgia, Estonia, Italy, Poland, Germany, Japan, USA).

Our students made presentations about Drohobych University from the day of its foundation to the present including scientific and international cooperation, various university and faculty events. They showed Ukrainian culture and traditions to the organizers and participants of the international conference. Students sang Ukrainian songs to the standing ovation of those present. Kateryna Kutova impressed all the listeners in the audience with her lyrical author’s poem.

Different opinions were expressed about whether Ukraine can become a leader in the context of new energy under the topic “Energy and Infrastructure”. On the fourth day, there was a discussion on the further expansion of international cooperation involving new participants and young people, especially Ukrainians, to “Instytut Trójmorza”. At the last panel of the Forum, students and organizers of the event exchanged reflections and experience gained during the week. The final summary of the results of the international conference took place during a joint gala dinner in honor of the invited guests.

The Schuman Trimarium Forum is a unique opportunity for personal and social development where each participant is filled with new ideas and motivation for further achievements.

Kateryna Kutova, fourth-year student, the Faculty of Ukrainian and Foreign Philology.

By vmp